Choosing the right rug size for your living room, dining room, or bedroom is just as important as picking patterns and colors. The size and shape you select can really define your living space. Size selections should be based not just on the size of your room, but the room’s configuration as well.



For smaller areas we recommend a 225x155cm - 270x180cm. The front of the rug should rest a few centimeters in front of your sofa. It is also acceptable to situate your sofa and arm chairs so that only the front legs rest on the rug. If you are placing the rug under a coffee table, make sure that it can accommodate all four legs of the table.


Larger rooms typically require a rug that is between 290x200cm - 400x300cm. Place the front legs of the sofa on top of the rug. If you prefer all four legs may also rest completely on the rug surface. Leaving a space of 45cm-60cm on all sides of the rug will create a border to frame your living space.


If your current set up features furniture floating in the center of the room, we recommend at least a 400x300cm. An equal amount of floor space (between 30cm-45cm) should be left on all sides if possible. All furniture should sit completely on the rug surface without looking cramped.


Pick a rug that is large enough to hold all chair legs, even when they are pulled out from under your table (at least an 320x230cm). Common shapes used in the dining area are either rectangular or round rugs.



Lay the rug down so that the longer side is parallel to your headboard. Place the front legs of the bed on top of the rug, making sure the floor is visible on all sides. The foot of the bed should rest at a point halfway across the rug.


Place all furniture on top of the rug. Alternatively, you may situate the rug so that the head of the bed and nightstands remain on the floor. As a rule of thumb, about 50cm of space should be left on either side of the bed. An 320x230cm is the best option for this set up.