We thank you for your understanding and support as we try to minimise human contact for the safety of our team and customers. We will do whatever necessary to ensure we can get your order to you ASAP during this challenging time.

The Cool Rugs Team



General Tips

  • Rotate your rug every six months to reduce uneven wear and tear
  • Use a rug pad to extend the life of your rug, prevent sliding and to protect your floors
  • Have your rugs professionally cleaned every three to six years, depending on the level of use


  • Lightly vacuum once or twice a week. Use the hard floor attachment and the lightest possible setting. Avoid powerful vacuums that may pull fibers loose from the base of the rug
  • Vacuum the base of your rug occasionally, as dirt can accumulate here as well

Spills & Stains

  • Blot spills with a paper towel or colourless cloth, and do not wipe or scrub.
  • When spills may cause a stain, you can immediately apply a small amount of mild soap and warm water (except with sisal / jute / seagrass rugs). Blot excess liquid with paper towel or colourless cloth, removing as much soap as possible as residue can act as a magnet for dirt
  • Make sure you choose a very mild soap free from any bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  • In most cases, warm water and a small amount of soap will take care of spills if attended to quickly. Always check the care instructions on the back of your rug first.
  • For further cleaning tips, please contact your rug cleaning professional

Easy Care Options

For an easy care option, choose a low maintenance material
  • Non-shed (less vacuuming): microfibre, polypropylene
  • Low shed (less vacuuming): short pile acrylic
  • Spill and stain resistant (less cleaning): polypropylene, acrylic
  • Dirt resistant (easy to clean): sisal

    Our current order processing time from our Sydney warehouse has increased to 2-3 weeks; but rest assured we are working hard to get your order out even sooner. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we process your order within NSW Government regulations to stay safe during lock down.

    Delivery Address:

    All deliveries are made during normal business hours Monday to Friday. A post office box address is not accepted.

    Delivery Costs:

    FREE SHIPPING for all orders. The following few postcodes are excluded:

    NT 822 840 845 850 852 854 861 862 872 874 880 885 886
    NSW 2325 2328 2329 2580 2880 2898 2899
    QLD 4183 4285 4551 4556 4570 4571 4581 4600 4650 4655 4670 4673 4674 4676 4677 4678 4703 4713 4740 4741 4750 4757 4801 4804 4806 4816 4817 4819 4820 4821 4822 4823 4824 4825 4828 4829 4830 4850 4852 4854 4855 4856 4858 4859 4860 4870 4871 4872 4873 4874 4875 4876 4878 4880 4881 4885 4886 4887 4888 4890 4891 4895
    SA 5373
    WA 6798 6799 6850
    TAS 7255 7256 7257


    Please contact us for shipping quote if you want delivery to these postcodes. In rare cases, shipping cost might become much higher than what we can offer as free. In these cases, we will contact the customer to discuss options.

    Delivery Times:

    All our rugs are dispatched within 2 - 3 weeks. The delivery time depends on the delivery location. Generally, the delivery time after dispatch is:

    Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane,  Adelaide METROPOLITAN areas 3-8 days
    Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane  OUTER METROPOLITAN/REGIONAL areas 4-10 days
    QLD,  NSW, VIC, SA (regional  areas) & TAS 6-10 days
    WA & NT 8-17 days